W.i.P Wednesday 05

Once again, let's make this a quick post today. 

After Christmas I plan to start working again on some things that have been on my "in progress" table for quite some time. I would like to get this table cleaned off because I am thinking about buying a new table for my studio that is big enough to hold my cut mat. Because guess where my cut mat is right now. Where it sits every day unless I am hosting a family lunch or book club meeting...It is on my kitchen counter. The counter is the perfect size to hold this mat and I use it every day so I never put it away. But I think in the new year I need to move this into the studio and also consider making a curtain to close off the studio so that I can put my work away sometimes and not look at it.
Between working full time, a long commute each day, and trying to make gifts and items to sell in the evenings and on weekends, I feel like I work all the time. I feel like I need to be working all the time, and especially so when I come home and one of the first things I see is my cut mat with projects on it that are waiting to be finished. I need to start scheduling some time off, some breaks and more fun. I can't remember the last time I sat on the patio with a coffee and a book and took some time to relax. Oh wait, yes, I do remember. It was April 2009. Some changes are coming in the new year.

Anyway, back to what I am working on right now and next month we can get back to some studio revisions and priority shifts.

This is another Anna Maria Horner Figure 8 scarf kit, but I chose different fabric this time. The first one that I made turned out so lovely and I immediately I ordered another kit. (And I see more in my future.)

I am making these pot holders to sell in my Etsy shop. They have cute coffee mugs on the front in a brown and blue batik fabric. Why did I just take a picture of the solid teal backs? I guess because I am adding these teal loops for the person that wants to buy these. They will be finished and shipped by the end of the week.

I made a little progress on the applique on this baby outfit. I satin stitched around the center of the flower because the right color of thread was already in my machine. Also, the thread belongs to my cousin Robin and I wanted to use it before I return it to her.

Speaking of Robin, here is the quilt that she and I are making for our grandma. The binding is just about finished, I am giving it to Robin this evening so that she can wash it. Then it just needs one more label sewn on, we will have a photo shoot, and then I will wrap it up in birthday paper! I am so excited to give this to Grandma next week, I think she will really like it.

Slight progress on the satin stitch on this outfit. I like this tree, but my applique stitch is not great. I need more practice on curves for sure.

This picture is kind of silly and pointless, because it is just yellow fabric. I am making it for a family member that reads this blog and so this is all that I can show for now. I planned for this to be a quick project that I could finish in an afternoon and of course it has not turned out that way. One more trip to the fabric store tomorrow evening and I hope to finish this over the weekend.

I am excited to link up with Freshly Pieced on Wednesdays again in January!

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