Floor quilts for kids

I have been making these floor quilts for children over the last several months. The quilt tops are a cotton fabric over a bamboo/cotton blend batting to give the kids something soft to play on. The backs are either a sturdy canvas fabric or a laminate fabric. This gives the floor quilt some versatility. You can use it outside in the grass and wipe down the laminate with a damp cloth afterward. Or use the quilt with the laminate side facing up so that kids can play with play-doh, paints, shaving cream, or other activities that can become messy. A few of them have ribbon tags to attach toys to as well. 

I really like the way these pictures came out; they were taken by Bethany Lowen of Betty Lou Project.
I also had some great models for this photo shoot, Ellisa and Hudson of P for Peanuts.

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