W.i.P. Wednesday 03

So a lot of these things were listed on my WIP Wed. post from last week. I had a holiday from work the entire week of Thanksgiving and I managed to get a lot accomplished. So technically, most of these are finished products.
This is a play mat for my cousin. I quilted it without batting so that it would be a flat surface for his cars and trains to drive on. I used a laminated fabric backing so that he can use it outside in the grass, or use the laminate side to play with play-doh, shaving cream, watercolors, or other messy things.
I made two of these "Howdy" towels with pleated maroon fabric on the bottom. The set will be my White Elephant gift at my family's Christmas Eve party. There are tons of Aggies in my family, so I hope that they will be a popular item in the game.
This is another set of two towels, I gave them to my friend Mackenzie for her birthday. She asked for towels that attached to the towel rack so that her twins could not pull them down and drag them around on the floor. There are buttons underneath so that it is secured to the towel rack. The fabric matches a set of pot holders that she recently bought from my Etsy site
This is a 12.5 inch block that I made for a donation quilt. The Austin Modern Quilt Guild is making a quilt to donate to an auction held by Artists Against Cancer. One of our guild members is piecing the quilt top together using blocks made by several of our members. I will be quilting it on the long arm this weekend, and the silent auction will be held on December 11.
I made this Figure 8 scarf last weekend and gave it to my step daughter as a birthday gift. I only had time to take this photo of myself wearing it before going to her house for dinner. It turned out well, and was not difficult to make. At first I sewed the seams down in a funny way and then it wasn't laying flat and I couldn't close it up nicely. It was midnight and so I decided to go to bed and look at it again in the morning. Laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I kept thinking of how to solve the problem, and realized that I needed to rip it out and lay the seams flat before I sewed it down. It is hard to explain without photos, of which I have none, so suffice to say this scarf kept me up at night, but when I tried my proposed solution the next day it worked and the finished product looks fantastic! I would really like to make a few more of these scarves, Anna Maria Horner's kit made it so easy and her instructions are great.

Update on the quilt for my grandma. I am still ripping out the quilting and we only have three days left. My cousin had it for a week and ripped some out and I worked on it for at least five hours yesterday, it gave me a headache. I know we will get it finished, if necessary Robin will come to my house Friday night and we will stay up late and rip it out until it is finished so that we are ready to quilt at nine a.m. on Saturday morning.

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  1. Love that donation block - wow! And your play mat....brings back memories from when I made one for our little boy ages ago! ;-)

  2. The colors in your donation block are striking!


  3. Love your block - such great colours!!

  4. Congratulations on the finishes...those towels are so cute and the playmat will probably be much loved! I love your star block! It's brilliant!