Shop Crafty-April 16th

Hello, everyone. It is time for another great show hosted by the Lone Star Ladies, a family-friendly celebration of the Handmade Community from Austin and all over the Nation!

Saturday, April 16th, 2011, 10am to 5pm
The Marchesa, 6406 N. IH-35, Ste. 3100, Austin, TX 78752

This one day festival will feature Austin-area Studio Sponsors in our exclusive Craft Lounge - teaching you how to make crafts, jewelry, sewing projects and much more! You can also shop unique items handmade by over 60 artists, crafters and designers from across the US.
Shop Crafty is also a charity shopping event to raise funds for
Crafting Comfort, a local organization that provides comfort to those in need through gifts of handcrafted items.

Splendid Calm Textiles will be selling paintings, note cards, flower clips, and wall hangings and sharing a booth with I Love Indigo. Come out and see us!

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Minor repairs needed

Here is another buggy that I bought on my antique shopping day! This piece needs a little work, lots of rust falls off of it, and it's wobbly. I will need to strengthen the front axle so that it won't sway from side to side. I am thinking about draping some baby quilts over the handle, but I don't want them to get dirty, I will probably get a basket for this buggy as well, or look for some kind of matte sealant that can keep the rust from flaking off. It's exciting!


A multi-tasker

Here is another antique purchase to add to my quilt booth display. I love this old German high chair, it is metal and seems like it would have been incredibly uncomfortable to sit in. I think it is so funny that this high chair has a wooden seat with a hole in it so that it can double as a potty! I'm not exactly sure how that worked, but I plan to ask my (German) grandpa the next time I see him.


A new addition

I went antique shopping with a friend recently and I came across some great finds! I plan to use this baby buggy as part of my booth display in future art shows. I am going to find (or make) a basket to sit in it that can hold rolled up quilts, pillows, or other items that I will be selling.