One of the first...

This is one of the first quilts that I made when I began quilting in 2009. I bought a kit that included the pattern, as well as all the fabric for the top of the quilt and the binding. The blocks are 8 by 16 inch rectangles so the quilt top was easy to put together. I bought the backing fabric from JoAnn Fabric and Craft, and quilted it at home on my Brother machine with dark brown Guetermann thread.
My grandmother told me that as a quilter, I should keep one of my first projects for myself so that after some time has passed I can refer to it and then clearly see the progression of my skills and creativity. I keep this lap quilt on the arm of my couch and I use it when I am watching a movie or to take an afternoon nap. (each of these is a rare occurrence, who has time for naps when there is sewing to be done?)
While I think this is a well made quilt, I do see a difference in the workmanship between this quilt and the things that I make now. I am so lucky to have two wonderful grandmothers and an aunt to learn this skill from and share ideas with. (Even though  they give the stink eye to some of my more modern ideas and fabric choices.)
I have learned to share those modern ideas with another great quilter, my cousin Robin, as well as my fellow members of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild.


Wonky bento box block -12

This last block was so much fun to make, there are several options in terms of layout once each individual area of color is completed. I chose this layout after a great deal of shifting pieces around and much debate. Next step: figuring out how all twelve blocks will come together. Stay tuned!


birthday quilt for baby f

Check out this fun new quilt, I just finished it last week. It is a birthday gift commissioned by a mom for her sweet girl. She brought me lots of baby clothes, many of which hold special memories for the family. One of the pink plaid outfits was what the baby wore to meet extended family for the first time! I used these clothes to make the blocks for this quilt top. I was also able to use some of the flowers and decorative pieces from some of her clothing to add texture and visual interest.
I quilted it myself on the long arm machine; I have been getting lots of quilting practice lately. Soon I will have "mad meandering skills" like my cousin Robin, The Tipsy Quilter.


Wonky star block -11

I am almost finished with this project! I am so excited to start putting this Block of the Month quilt together. I'm not going to use scraps for the back, binding, and borders, so I will have to make some decisions about color soon. Stay tuned to see the quilt top coming together.