W.i.P. Wednesday 04

This is going to be a quick post because I should be sitting and binding a quilt that I want (need) to finish today. There is no W.i.P. link up with Freshly Pieced today because everyone is so busy with the holidays and that will resume in early January. 

Last Saturday my cousin Robin and I quilted our grandma's quilt again on the long arm. It looks much better this time, and we just need to finish up some minor adjustments to the borders on Robin's side of the quilt. It was hard to keep it straight as we rolled it through the long arm and things didn't come out entirely square. But I am almost ready to put the binding on and hand sew it and then Robin can wash it! It will be ready in time for Grandma's birthday after Christmas.

I am planning to make four of these bags as Christmas gifts for children. So cute and practical! I bought the rest of my supplies last night at Hobby Lobby and I hope to make a lot of progress on these this Sunday. Really all I have so far is a pile of fabric for each bag. I am using lots of fabrics from my stash and I bought a few yards to supplement from Valli and Kim in Wimberley at the weekend retreat with the quilt guild.
I need to cut 40 of these pie shaped pieces for each bag. Four bags multiplied by forty pieces is 160 pie slices. How many have I cut? Two. (sigh)

I am still working on organizing my fabric stash. This suitcase holds the yardage that has been ironed and folded.The rest of my fabric stash has been washed but still needs ironing and folding. I am using this stash organizing tutorial from Happy Zombie, and it is working very well. Except that I don't have enough suitcases. I may end up putting some of these on an existing shelf on my studio.

This is everything in my stash that is not a cotton fabric.
These are some onesies for my friends' twins. I just need to stitch them, but I haven't decided what kind of stitch to use yet; I imagine it will either be a blanket stitch or a satin stitch.

I'm off to finish my binding so that I can cross this flannel quilt off of my list!  

Afternoon update: The flannel quilt is finished! 

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