Double four patch block -04

This double four patch block is for the block of the month project I am participating in. I love this bright green, and batiks are so fun!

Friendship star block -03

Another block for my block of the month project. This is a Friendship Star. Originally I surrounded the star with a dark gray fabric, but I decided that it does not work with the color scheme of the other blocks, so I ripped it out. I put in this light blue, and the colors work better.

Sewing machine balloon

Today I went to lunch with my family for my aunt's birthday. We went to North by Northwest in Austin, and it was wonderful. Good food, great beer, and they let my sister bring in a dessert that she made for the birthday girl!
There was a balloon artist there as well, Nate, the Great. He made a giraffe corsage for my aunt, a huge hat for my cousin, and a sewing machine for me!
We had a fun time, and I love my new sewing machine, it has a needle, a spool of thread, and even bobbin thread!


Valentine's gifts for my girlies

I appliqued onto these two t shirts this weekend; they were fun to make. I forgot to leave stabilizer underneath the owl so that I could more easily hand sew his feet on. So his feet are a little funny looking. Oh, well, five year old kids don't notice those sort of things, right? ...Actually, this particular five year old might.

Baby girl bib set

I love this fabric! I bought a kit from JoAnn Fabrics to make these bibs and burp cloths. The back of each piece is white terry cloth. The smaller burp cloth is contoured to be placed on a shoulder, hugging a person's neck, it looks like a huge eye mask to me. I am almost finished with another set of these and I will post them soon.
I decided to top stitch these with my favorite embroidery stitch on my new Janome. I love the leaves, and the pink is really vibrant!

Hedgegrow block -02

The second block I made for my block of the month quilt. I think it turned out very nice; I may applique something onto the center square. Maybe a bird or a tree. I plan to complete a few more blocks before I make a decision.

Disappearing nine patch block -01

Here is the first block that I made as part of the block of the month project I am participating in.
I love this block, it was so easy to make, and it turned out so beautiful.
More blocks coming soon!

Austin Modern Quilt Guild

Hello, everyone. I recently joined the Austin Modern Quilt Guild! My cousin and I went to a meeting and there are some very nice ladies in the group. I have seen some amazing quilts and projects that the guild members are working on.
As a group, they are working on a block of the month project. Each month we look at a new block pattern, make it at home, and bring it to the next meeting for show and tell. At the end, I will have twelve blocks that I can join together to make into a quilt.
I have decided to use fabrics from my stash and have come up with a color pallette that I like very much. It is fun to work on these blocks because I am using scraps of fabrics from past quilts and gifts that I have made for loved ones. In the end I will have a great memory quilt that reminds me of many great people in my life!
In the coming months I willl post blocks as I make them.
Austin Modern Quilt Guild Flickr Page
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