Block of the progress

This is what I have so far for my Block of the Month project, hosted by the Austin Modern Quilt Guild. I just realized though, that I am two blocks behind the rest of the group, so I need to get caught up. So far I like this balance of busy blocks, and more simple blocks with large areas of a single fabric. We will see how it continues. I am making all of these using my fabric scraps from other projects, so I just hope I don't run out before the quilt is complete.


Dragon quilt for a warrior

This quilt is a gift for my beloved stepson. When he asked me for a dragon quilt I was nervous; I have seen some dragon fabrics that can only be described as...well, cheesy. But I found this great solution, the Asian Tatsu Print by Alexander Henry. I combined that with some ever helpful Moda Marbles and a couple of solid fabrics. It was quilted (beautifully) by Kim Peterson of Scrap Happy Quilting in Round Rock, Texas. The quilting pattern is called "Fern," but to me this pattern looks like flames straight from the mouth of the dragon.
I gave it to him as a birthday gift in April and he loved it!


Growing From a Nest

This painting is 4 by 12 inches, gallery wrapped canvas. I used acrylic paint and water to create the blue background. The beads are each sewn individually to create a unique flower and stem.
The "nest" that the flower is housed in is made from a piece of dryer sheet that has been sculpted into shape and set with glue.


Stripy circle block -06

Here is my latest block for my block of the month quilt. We had several circle blocks to choose from, and I chose this one so that I could have the freedom of choosing how many fabrics I put into the circle and how they are arranged. I appliqued it onto the background with a leaf embroidery stitch, but I am not entirely happy with it. I chose the leaves because several of my fabrics have leaves or flowers on them, but I wonder if a basic zig-zag or blanket stitch would have worked better.


For baby claire c

I made this set for my newest little cousin, she is so adorable. There are two burp cloths, two bibs and a small bag that holds a diaper and wipe for those times when it is not convenient to carry an entire diaper bag.
I really enjoy the bright colors and the birds in this set. The leaves embroidery stitch is still my favorite, I love it in this bright pink thread! I am looking forward to making more of these bibs with the terry cloth backs.


Plaid block -05

Here is the plaid block for my block of the month project. I have been putting this one off for a while now, because I was nervous about making poor color choices and it not turning out very plaid-like. I think it is successful, but it is not my favorite of the blocks for this project. I enjoy this block of the month project, and can't wait to see the final product.
The first photo here is the full block, the second photo is a close up shot of part of the block.