and we're back.

It seems ridiculous that I haven't posted anything here in three weeks. Where did the time go? I had 12 days off of work for the Christmas and New Year holidays and somehow I still have a million things on my to do list. I am trying to feel ok about it because I did have a really great holiday. I had time to visit with lots of family members, played games, ate great food, received some amazing gifts, drove north to visit more family, came home to have a weenie roast in my grandpa's pasture on New Year's Day. Yeah, I said it. Weenie Roast. Hot dogs and s'mores cooked over the fire. But when you're in the pasture they aren't called hot dogs; they are called weenies.

Anyway, now I am back at work and feeling pretty overwhelmed, but I am planning to spend my weekend doing only three things: go to the gym on Saturday morning, run a few errands, and then come home and tackle that to do list! I'll put on pajama pants, make some popcorn, open a beer, and then get busy. And I won't leave again until Monday morning to go to work. Some of the things I need to get done are the regular never ending household chores, as well as sewing, blog work, editing photos, cutting fabric for new projects, planning two new quilts that I need to start soon and working out the details for a few upcoming quilt donation projects for the Austin Modern Quilt Guild.

Eek! Only one problem with that: one of my errands is to drop off my Janome for the yearly cleaning and maintenance. I injured my machine over the Thanksgiving holiday, but haven't taken it in to get it fixed because I needed it. Really, really needed it. To finish all the Christmas gifts I decided to make.  Next year I either have to make less gifts or start working on them earlier. You probably know which option I am going to choose.

So to revise the plan: Friday evening after work I will be sewing a few things that need to be finished. Then Saturday and Sunday I can focus on other things that need to get done while my machine is in the shop.
Like that big pile of washed fabric stash that is (still) waiting to be ironed and folded. And putting away the Christmas tree that is currently sitting in my kitchen.

The real reason I started this blog post was not to complain and whine about how busy I am, but to say that I want to participate in a challenge that I just read about over at Stitched in Color. It is a Scrap Attack Quilt Along. I'll probably be kicking myself later because the deadline for finishing this quilt is in March. Of this year. But there are no rules about the size of the finished quilt so I think I can handle it.

I'll be writing again soon. I have lots of things to share!

Scrap Attack Quilt-Along

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