W.i.P Wednesday 07

I don't have much to report here about actual sewing because I still don't have my Janome back from the shop.
I have made some progress in other creative areas so I'll tell you about that.

I bought the white towels that I need to make my Valentine's Day towels. When I am finished they will look something like this.

I bought a basket to house my fabric scraps. New rule in the sewing studio: my amount of fabric scraps may not exceed what can fit into this basket.

I have a custom order to make 40 note cards from a customer that bought two sets of cards from me in December. He was visiting Austin from Washington D.C. and came by my First Thursday booth. It is exciting to have customers from across the country! I have paper, note cards, ink and stamps. Now I just need the time to sit down and assemble them.

I'm also planning to make Valentine's Day cards to send out to friends and family. I have addressed all the envelopes, and chosen the paper, stamps, ink, ribbon and thread. Now I just need to cut up the paper and sew it down onto my cards. Then write in them, seal them up, put stamps on them and mail them out. I have plenty of time, right? There are only 48 cards...

I was cleaning the house the other day and I found the pattern for this purse that I am making. I was so excited to find it, and I also went to the store to get another copy of the instructions for the double sided fusible interfacing that I am using for the purse handles.

I ordered the rest of the fabric that I need for a secret quilt top that I am making for a family member. All I can say for now is...Kona Solids... (and I found it in my mailbox today!)

I haven't made any progress on the baby blanket for my friend Abbey. The blocks call out to me every day when I come home from work, "Square us up! Pin sashing strips to us!" But so far it hasn't happened. (That baby will be here next week! Eek!)

I bought Christmas fabric after the holiday to make two table toppers, one for my sister and one for me. I washed and ironed the fabric. Now I am just waiting for my sister to tell me the width of her table so that I can cut the pieces out.

I am making plans with my cousin Robin to make a quilt for her brother. He is stationed in Afghanistan right now and we are hoping to finish a quilt by April so that he can get it when he comes home on leave. I will post more about that later. We are fabric shopping this weekend.

Oh, yes. Today is my birthday and my family and friends have lots of fun things planned. Yesterday my cousins, aunt and I went to trivia at the sports bar and they brought cupcakes and we had tequila shots! Tonight I am going to Torchy's Tacos with my cousin Sarah for dinner. Tomorrow night I'll have dinner with my good friend Abbey at Monument Cafe. This Friday a group of my cousins along with a couple of friends, Mackenzie and Jenn, are going to see a Master Pancake Theater show at Alamo Drafthouse. On Sunday my mom, brother, sister and a few aunts and cousins will be having lunch at Polvos. I am so excited for all of these fun birthday events, I have already started thinking of how I will design my thank you cards. I'll post some pictures when they are finished.

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