Two little peanuts

When my dear friend Mackenzie told me that she was pregnant and having twins, I decided to make a quilt for each baby. The first one is made from a pattern called Dot Party designed by the very talented Julie at Jaybird Quilts. I really love the raw edge applique; when I made this I had no applique experience, and raw edge was a good way to introduce myself to the process without being terrified of making mistakes.
Ellisa's baby quilt
The second quilt is made from a pattern called Dancing Squares by Nancy Mahoney.
I really love this quilt, and was sad when it left my home to go live with Hudson. I was able to keep a bit of it though, because of a miscalculation made late at night after a long day of sewing.
When I finished this quilt my aunt told me something that I decided to take as a compliment. "Jessica, when you start these projects I see your color and fabric choices, and I just think, 'I don't know about that...' But once you put it together and I see the finished product, it looks great."
Hudson's baby quilt
The twins, Hudson and Ellisa, were born over a year ago, and they are growing up so fast. I stay informed by reading Mackenzie's family blog, p for peanuts. I have made other things for the twins since they have been born, including the outfits that they wore to their first birthday party. I am excited to continue to watch them grow and change and I plan to make more quilts for them in the future.

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