Austin Empty Bowl Project 2011

Yesterday I went to the Austin Empty Bowl Project with my mom, aunt, and cousin. Austin area potters and residents donate hundreds of hand made and/or hand painted bowls, and local restaurants and chefs donate soup and bread for the event. Each bowl costs twenty dollars, it is washed and then filled with soup. The money benefits Kids Cafe, an organization that provides hot meals, after school care, and tutoring for Austin children. It is such a fun event, I am really glad that we were able to attend. The first time I went to the Empty Bowl was in 2009 and I bought two bowls.
2009 bowl
2009 bowl
the bowl is darker than this, my camera flash brought out the lighter brown color. I wanted to show the blue that is hiding beneath the surface.

We missed the 2010 Empty Bowl Project because my family was in Rockne at a baptism for this little guy: 

This year I intended to buy only one bowl, but couldn't help myself and I brought home two. They have tables and tables covered with bowls, and as people pick them up to purchase them, volunteers bring more bowls from a back room to fill in the empty space. At the end of the event, there were still lots of bowls left. They will be sold throughout the year at an Austin farmer's market to continue fundraising for Kids Cafe.  
After at least two hours of bowl shopping, I sat down to a bowl of delicious corn chowder from the restaurant Sazon. My mom had the gumbo from Bistrot Mirabelle; I had a taste and it was yummy too. When my cousin and aunt sat down with us, guess what they had...corn chowder and gumbo!
2011 bowl
I bought this bowl with the intention of giving it to a friend for Christmas. Today I realized that I would like to make her a gift from a kit by Anna Maria Horner if I have time. If I do, I will keep this bowl at my house because I love it so.
2011 bowl
again, my flash brought out this red color
Someday I hope to have a large collection of Empty Bowl Project bowls in my kitchen. I can't wait to go again next year. 
my family. Do you like how our photographer didn't include the complete signage in our photo?

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