90th birthday quilt

I made this quilt at the request of my mother in law. She commissioned it as a gift for her mother and gave it to her this August for her 90th birthday.

It was a challenge to make, each piece is a one inch square. The entire quilt is 79 inches square; I'm not a calculator, but that is a lot of tiny squares! I had many arguments with this quilt, we had a hard time living together for a while, but in the end it came together and I met my deadline.
I quilted it with dark brown thread in a meander pattern, I wanted something simple because the blocks are detailed. (and because I was ready to bind it, put it in a box and mail it far away from me)
I do think it is a beautiful quilt and I am glad that my mother in law and I could choose the fabric and the pattern together.


  1. I am sure she cried....what a lovely quilt and gift!

  2. Thanks, Barb! She really does enjoy the quilt, and so do I now that it is a finished product.

  3. Such beautiful colors! It must have taken an awful lot of patience to piece together than many tiny squares.

  4. Oh my goodness this is stunning! I don't know how many squares but it doesn't matter - it's gorgeous! blessings, marlene

  5. I would just look at a pattern like that and turn and run! Your patience to stitch all those tiny squares is beyond anything I can comprehend. Beautiful job!