W.i.P. Wednesday 08

There are so many projects going on right now, I will do my best to make a complete list.

I just finished the custom order of note cards this week. They will go in the mail soon.
I never did find time to make Valentine's Day cards to send out to family. That was disappointing, but I have to stop giving myself so much to do at once.
in progress
 I took on a t-shirt quilt custom order, I plan to have it ready to quilt on February 17th. The woman gave me the t-shirt that her husband wore on their first date and I am planning to put it on the back of the quilt next to the label. She is also giving me fabric that was the backdrop in their wedding reception photo booth that I will use in the back of the quilt. I am excited about this quilt, it has so many sentimental elements.

My mom brought me a stack of my brother's t-shirts from his high school days of choir, drama, and national honor society. He has two shirts from his senior year that she was hesitant about cutting up without knowing if he was finished wearing them.
So she called him and they had the following conversation, which I think is hilarious.
Mom: "I am thinking about using these t-shirts in a project that I am working on. Is that all right?"
Ivan:  "What do you mean, you're having Jessica sew them into a quilt?"
Mom:  "What?? Never mind about that thing you just said, just let me know if I can use these shirts."
Ivan:  "Sure you can sell them at the garage sale or whatever."
I told my mom that the next time she sees him she should hand him $3.75 and tell him that those shirts were a hit at the garage sale.

Robin and I are making arm chair and head rest covers for our grandparents new recliners. The home decor fabric is difficult to work with, but really we are just making six squares so it isn't too much of an undertaking.

I quilted the Zoology quilt for my friend's baby last Saturday. I was getting frustrated during the quilting process, but it looks fine. I just need to sew on the binding and make a label. The baby was born on Monday, and I went to visit them at the hospital yesterday.

I am still working on Valentine's Day towels. My plan is to finish those this week. Robin isn't shy at all, at my house last Friday she said, "Can you finish up those towels for me because Valentine's is only two weeks away." Yes ma'am.

This Friday Robin and I are going to get busy cutting fabric for her brother's new quilt. I'll post more about that later. 

This Saturday I am going on a quilt retreat for the day. I have several piles of washed and ironed fabric that are waiting to be cut for particular projects. I think it will be tiring (and boring) to cut fabric all day long, but it really needs to be done and I know it will be rewarding to go home with several projects that are ready to be sewn together.

Yesterday morning I got a phone call about another t-shirt quilt, that has a May 19th deadline.

I got an exciting new book for my birthday, Bags - the Modern Classics by Sue Kim. I chose the first bag that I want to make and bought fabric last weekend. I'll cut out the fabric on Saturday but I probably shouldn't start that until I finish my carrot purse. I have not made any progress on that since the last time I posted about it.

I am working on two quilt blocks for the Austin Modern Quilt Guild. We are having a six month block swap. I will make one block to swap with another guild member and another block to contribute to a future donation quilt.

I am making a floor quilt similar to these that I have made in the past. The difference with this one is that both sides are made of laminate fabric. I plan to put it on the ground in my booth space when I sell at art shows. I have a great antique high chair and baby buggy that I will put on the quilt and display my floor quilts in the antiques.

I quilted Kitchy Kitchen fabric on Saturday to make new potholders. Eight of them have binding machine sewn on and four of them still need binding. Then I will hand sew all of the binding to the back. I will be selling at an art show this Thursday evening, that is a great time to work on binding because it brings people in to my booth. They wonder what I am doing and they come over to ask about it.

A list of projects that are on my work in progress table that I continue to make zero progress on. I am hoping that by listing them out here, I will be motivated to work on them and get them off of this list.
fall leaves pot holders
apple pot holders
coffee cup pot holders
fabric for new textile wall hanging
sample onesie quilt
pine cone ornaments
watermelon table topper
four drawstring toy bags
firewood bag for the hearth

There are probably more things to add here that I am not thinking of now. I will try to keep this list updated.

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  1. On your potholders, I see the loop stitched on the back?...when you add the binding, how does that work? Can you send a photo? Thanks!

    1. Yes, I stitch the loop on the back, machine sew the binding to the front, and then hand sew the binding to the back. I am hoping to hand sew some of those tomorrow evening, after I finish one I can send you a picture.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You forgot to mention that in addition to my Valentine's Day towels, you are also making my wedding Save the Dates (affectionately known as STDs) and invitations. You are too, too busy!

    1. That is true, I am too busy. But these are all good projects and I feel great when I get them finished. It just seems like when I cross one thing off my list, five more things suddenly appear!
      I am happy to work on your STDs and wedding invitations. I will post about them when they are a little further along.

  3. Love your cards, and the laminated floor quilt is a great idea.
    The fabric in the potholders is so cute.