A quilted birthday gift

Last month I turned thirty. I had a great birthday week; it started out with cupcakes and tequila shots on the Tuesday before my birthday and didn't stop until Sunday when my family met for lunch at Polvos.
We had a great lunch and a lot of fun. My sister made a trifle that somehow contained three different kinds of alcohol, it was delicious. Robin gave me a table topper that she made using several fabrics from the Moda Circa 1934 line.
I love the colors and the pattern that she used. The five big X shapes create a bold pattern, and then the next time I look at it, the diamonds stand out to me more.It has a lot of visual interest.
She quilted it on the long arm machine with a free hand meander pattern. It feels strange knowing that she was at the quilter's house without me, and without telling me about it. We usually talk about all of our quilting ideas and projects.
I really love this table topper, it looks great in my dining room and works well with the red accent wall.



  1. I am so glad you like it, Jessica! And thank YOU for the thank you. I love those individual letters - ha!

    1. What can I say? I am a photo cropping genius!