Secret quilt update, 02

I have been working more on this bright floral quilt, it's time for an update. I know you have been waiting and agonizing over what is coming next.

I finished making all the nine patches and cut them into fourths. Here they are.

I had to lay them out on the floor and move them around for a while until I found a layout that I like for each block. Sometimes this process can take several days, I have to rest my eyes, take a break from looking at it and the next time I walk by and look it over I will see something that isn't working and move it somewhere else.

Once I got tired of walking around this huge area of quilt blocks on my floor, I stacked them up and sewed the disappearing nine patches together into twelve blocks.

Next time I will show you the sashing and border fabrics coming together. This is starting to look like a real quilt. I kind of wish I were making it for myself!

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