Vacation update

My grandpa's birthday party yesterday was lots of fun, I will write more about it in my blog post about his quilt.

This morning I bought a coffee from Starbucks and then got to work cleaning my kitchen. It would be more fun to be sewing all week, but I really do need to do some Spring cleaning...and by Spring, I mean mid-July. :)

Today I got my new table for my studio. The saw horse legs are from Ikea and Robin's fiance, Pete, put those together and made the table top for me. He put laminate on the top, rounded the corners and edges, and it looks great! I had to rearrange some canvases on the walls because the table is taller than the one I had there before. I wish that I had taken some before pictures of my studio before these changes took place, but I didn't think about it until I started moving lots of things around.

new table for my fabric cutting mat
easel and painting table
mini bolts of fabric
my new table, all moved in!
I have to go get ready for my cousin's wedding now, it should be a fun night, but I am running late! I hope to post more vacation news tomorrow after I get back from the gym. We'll see how much I can Deadlift these days, wish me luck!


  1. Looks great - glad it's working out!

  2. I've always taken a second look at those saw horse legs every time I visit IKEA... they look GREAT!I'm thinking a couple of shelf boards across the bottom of the legs and MORE storage... very nice!