Pillow for my momma

I made this pillow for my mom using our family Christmas pictures from 2009.

The small picture on the back of the pillow was the first photo we took, the one where my mom fell off the couch.

The picture on the front was our second take and my brother, sister and I did a better job of holding my mom up on the back of my grandma's couch. 
I can still hear my grandma now, "Get off of the back of my couch like that!"

Actually, that is not really true. When I was a kid she used to be much more strict about what we did in her house. No running, no yelling, no hiding under the round table, no food in carpeted rooms. Here in the last few years she has become much more lenient, which is maybe the result of getting older or maybe the resignation she feels after realizing that the family has tripled in size and is it harder to keep track of all those children.
Christmas Eve 2009

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  1. Your Mom will treasure this pillow!!! She'll always remember the fun you had taking the photos!!! It looks great how you've put it all together!!! Thanks for the link back and for linking up...